Medici Ermete

Did You Know

Artisanal Balsamic Vinegar

Medici Ermete crafts a small amount of balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia grape must. Using the traditional method, the vinegar is aged in a series of five barrels of decreasing size.  Each barrel has a small opening covered by a cloth, which allows evaporation to occur, intensifying the flavor. The secret and the skill in traditional balsamic vinegar lie in the optimal aging and refinement in these barrels, which extends for at least 12 years and up to as many as 30 years.

A consortium of producers of Reggio Emilia traditional balsamic vinegar has been formed to protect this special product. Its rich, refined flavor, its aromatic power and its sweet and sour inflection make it an exceptional condiment to accentuate fine foods. It is delicious drizzled on strawberries, dessert and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, or added to sauces and meats during or after cooking.

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