Header2 Masi's Ciriaco Vineyard contributes grapes to the iconic Costasera Amarone

Masi pays special attention to developing single vineyard, or cru, wines which express individual, high-quality vineyard sites with their own unique characteristics.

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Masi Agricola

Terroir & Vineyards

Indigenous Grapes, Spectacular Crus and Singular Methods

Viticulture is an integral part of the thousand-year-old inheritance of the Veneto region. Masi's viticultural expertise is a combination of experience passed down by tradition and knowledge acquired from modern research. Of primary importance are the selection of specific vineyard sites, use of indigenous grape varieties and respect for historic winemaking techniques from the Veneto.



Appassimento is the traditional method used in the Veneto to concentrate aromas and flavors in wine. Before vinification, grapes are laid out on bamboo racks in drying lofts over the winter, an ancient technique used for centuries in the region. Passed down through generations of the Boscaini family, this craft has been modified in an innovative way by the Masi Technical Group and is used today to make fresh and lively wines from semi-dried grapes, notably Amarone. The APPAXXIMENTO® symbol signifies Masi's expertise in Appassimento in the 21st Century and guarantees the authenticity and quality of Masi wines.

Collaborations with Noble Houses to Rediscover Winemaking Traditions

Masi manages top-class vineyards both in the original vineyard area of the Valpolicella Classica district and in the macro region of "Le Venezie," the Veneto as a whole. An ambitious project has been started to rediscover winemaking as practiced by the nobility in the Triveneto area, who are inextricably linked with the land and who were once steeped in the winemaking traditions of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The first collaboration with a noble house began in 1973 with the Counts Serego Alighieri, direct descendants of the poet Dante. Another was with the Counts Bossi Fedrigotti in the Trentino region in 2007.

Tupungato Masi Tupungato Estate

New Projects in Friuli and Argentina

In the Grave del Friuli region, Masi's Stra' del Milione estate comprises extensive vineyard holdings and is a prime example of modern viticulture oriented towards quality and respect for the environment. Masi has undertaken pioneering research into winemaking in various areas of the New World, and has found the ideal situation in Argentina's Tupungato Valley for its winemaking project summed up in the motto "Argentinian soul, Venetian style."  Established in 1995 Masi Tupungato released its debut wine, Passo Doble in 1999.

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