Sandro Sandro Boscaini, President

Sandro Boscaini represents the sixth generation of Masi's family ownership.

Masi Agricola

Sandro Boscaini


After earning his degree in economics and commerce at the Università Cattolica of Milan, Sandro Boscaini joined Masi in 1964, bringing a new focus to the development of global marketing and business systems.  In 1978, Mr. Boscaini took on his current role as President of Masi Agricola.

Growing Masi

Sandro Boscaini inspired vibrant growth for the winery; first regionally, then nationally, then becoming a “holding” including other prestigious companies in the same group: the Possessioni di Serego Alighieri, in Valpolicella (Verona) and in Tuscany; the Conti Bossi Fedrigotti company in Rovereto (Trento); and the Vigneti La Arboleda company in Argentina, which produces wines with the Masi Tupungato brand.

A Record of Success

Under Mr. Boscaini’s leadership, Masi has reached an apogee of fame and recognition, so much so that the company was voted “European Winery of the Year” by the prestigious international “Wine Enthusiast” magazine in 2004. Together with his son, Raffaele, who heads the compnay's marketing efforts and the Masi Technical Group, his daughter, Alessandra, the Sales Director, and his brother Bruno, in charge of production, Mr. Boscaini runs a company present in 87 countries around the world with a global reputation as the leading producer of Amarone.

In fact, the figure of Sandro Boscaini is so closely associated with the appassimento technique, particularly in the crafting of his iconic Amarone wines, that the English writer and journalist Kate Singleton decided to dedicate a book to him, called “Amarone. The Making of an Italian Wine Phenomenon."


Innovations and Influence

Sandro Boscaini incited a new approach to winemaking in the 1980s when he created the Masi Technical Group to guide the company's winemaking efforts, currently led by his son, Raffaele.  He also created the Masi Foundation in 1981 to promote the culture and tradition of the Venetian area.

Among his most impactful career milestones, Mr. Boscaini's first job at the Verona Fair in the 1960s involved him in the creation of Vinitaly, one of the wine world’s foremost international fairs. He is currently a member of the Vinitaly Technical Committee.

Deeply dedicated to the promotion of quality Italian wines, especially from the North East, Sandro Boscaini is involved in various DOC commissions at both a local and national level.

In 2008, thanks to his particular interest in the techniques of marketing for a locality, he was made President of the Territorial Committee for Unicredit Verona-Vicenza, an advisory body formed to bolster a territory by evolving innovation and growth in small and medium-sized local businesses.

Sandro Boscaini has received numerous honors and awards. Among these, he was made Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana in 2003.


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