Alessandra-boscaini Alessandra Boscaini

Alessandra is Sandro Boscaini‘s second daughter and represents the seventh generation to be involved in the family firm of Masi Agricola.

Masi Agricola

Alessandra Boscaini

Director of Sales

An Interest and Talent for Gastronomy, Food and Wine Tourism, and Distribution

Having inherited her family’s passion for wine, Alessandra brings a feminine sensibility and conceives of wine in a much wider cultural context which is equal parts hedonism, style, gastronomy, tourism, and “the Italian lifestyle.” After her studies, Alessandra became interested in gastronomic tourism, working at Serego Alighieri Foresteria, the elegant center for conventions and tourism in the heart of Valpolicella Classico. Her work centered on promotional activities for Veronese food and wine, including cellar visits, professional cooking courses and technical wine tastings. From there, she moved to the company’s commercial department, learning all aspects of distribution of Masi wines worldwide.

Heading Sales and Distributor Relations

Currently, Alessandra heads sales administration as Sales Department Director, and specifically oversees relations with zone managers and major events abroad. She is often asked to represent the company in fairs and events in Asian Pacific countries. Alessandra enjoys family life and cooking, applying the many lessons she learned from her mother, Giuliana.

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