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Representing the sixth generation of family ownership and management, Sandro Boscaini heads Masi Agricola today. For over 200 years, the Boscainis have been vignerons and winemakers in Valpolicella.


Masi Agricola

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from: Italy

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Points of Distinction
  • For over 200 years, the Boscainis have been vignerons and winemakers in the Veneto.
  • Skilled in the production of Amarone & Recioto, Masi has applied their expertise to give an historic winemaking technique a modern and original profile: AppaXXImento Masi Expertise.
  • Masi created the "Supervenetian" category with the release of Campofiorin in 1964.
  • A blend of innovative and historic methods enhances the wines' personality and retains a recognizable Venetian style.

A Family’s Patrimony of the Finest Vineyards in the Veneto

The name Masi comes from “Vaio dei Masi,” the little valley purchased by the Boscaini family in the late 18th Century. Carefully considered purchases in the best wine growing areas of the Veneto were made over the years. Rooted in the Veneto's history and tradition, Masi Agricola also manages the most historic estate in Valpolicella, which once belonged to descendants of the legendary 14th Century poet Dante, the noble Serego Alighieri family. Recently, Masi Agricola has developed projects in Argentina and Tuscany, in collaboration with Serego Alighieri.


Right-drying-lofts Drying Lofts

Masi Amarones and Reciotos: Premium Wines in a Modern Style but Deeply Rooted in Tradition

Masi Agricola exclusively produces wines of the top quality level. A specialist in producing Amarones and Reciotos using historic winemaking techniques, Masi is the leading Amarone producer, with 5 Amarones that account for 20% of total production in the Veneto. Made predominantly from indigenous grape varieties, the wines are crafted with a combination of the traditional appassimento method (drying the grapes), double fermentation using semi-dried grapes and modern vinification techniques. The blend of winemaking methods enhances the personality of each wine while maintaining a recognizable Venetian style.



The Masi Philosophy: Quality Begins in the Vineyard

The philosophy of the Boscaini family is at once profound and simple: Quality begins in the vineyard. Only constant dedication to the art of vine growing, approached as a science and applied to a particular territory and viticultural heritage, can create a wine with a great soul. The experience of tradition blended with know-how from modern research yields an expert approach to viticulture which obtains maximum quality, personality and character from each vineyard.

Supervenetians and Milestones of Enology in the Veneto

Led today by Sandro’s son Raffaele Boscaini, the Masi Technical Group has revolutionizied winemaking in the Veneto. In 1958, Masi led work to identify the historic “cru” vineyard sites for Amarone, resulting in supreme wines. In 1964, the introduction of Campofiorin launched a new wine category, the "Supervenetian," reinventing the double fermentation method. Hugh Johnson has called Masi wines “milestones of enology in Verona.”  Today, Masi's modern, attractive and well-balanced wines are easily identifiable benchmarks.

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