Jason Joyce


Jason Joyce is captivated by the entire process that makes up the endeavor of creating wine. For him, it allows for the rare opportunity to blend one's profession with deep human experience. Crafting wine necessitates an appreciation of both art and science, and requires intuition and physicality. The pursuit of winemaking lays out an array of challenges that few other professions do. This is at the root of Jason's desire to make wine.

After graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo with a degree in organic chemistry, Jason worked for several years as a synthetic chemist in the San Francisco biotech industry. The work was immensely challenging and meaningful, but it lacked freedom of expression and left little room for spontaneity and exploration. For Jason, these aspects of life are necessary.

Jason’s search for a more holistic occupation led him to the wine industry, and in 2007 he took a job as harvest cellar hand at Calcareous Vineyards. His passion for the work was immediate. Working under Australian Winemaker Daniel Shaw and with council from Daniel’s father, winemaker Philip Shaw, Jason learned the craft of winemaking. Jason accepted a full-time position as Assistant Winemaker at Calcareous Vineyards and began to have a hand in the decision-making process that goes into making wine at a small, high-quality winery. 

In 2010 Jason was given the position of Winemaker at Calcareous. Of Calcareous Jason says, "This is a project I vehemently believe in. The estate vineyard is of the highest quality and represents a unique fusion of soil and climate. I am given complete freedom in the cellar to bring the fruit from vine to glass in whatever manor is required to produce the best possible expression of our place.”

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