Juliette Monmousseau has taken a prominent role in domestic and export sales and marketing, and has followed in her father’s footsteps in linking Bouvet-Ladubay to the arts.

Bvt_patrice_juliette Juliette with her father, Patrice Monmousseau


Juliette Monmousseau

Deputy Managing Director

The daughter of Patrice Monmousseau and the family’s fifth generation working at Bouvet-Ladubay, Juliette Monmousseau has been instrumental in linking the winery with arts events around France, and publicizing the quality image of Bouvet-Ladubay around the world.

Beginning with Cinema

Juliette Monmousseau graduated from the European School of Graphic Design of Angers in 1998, and moved to Paris to begin a career in advertising. In 1999, she entered the world of film distribution, starting at Pyramide Films as marketing assistant, and then joining Bacfilms in 2000, one of the biggest independent film distributors in France. In 2005, she combined her love for wine and film, and started her own business as an independent publicist.

Promoting Wine and the Arts

Since the launch of “Les Journées du Livre et du Vin” (National Days of Books and Wine) by Bouvet-Ladubay in 1995, Juliette has actively participated in organizing this event. In 2006, she was put in charge of the publicity for the event. She has also participated in organizing Bouvet-Ladubay’s participation in many events in Paris, including cinema and theater premiers, and in the Cannes Film Festival.

Current Role

In addition to publicity and press relations, Juliette Monmousseau’s role at Bouvet-Ladubay has transformed into one of export sales in the markets of India, UK, US, Holland, Belgium, Japan, China, Scandinavia and more. In 2010, the board of directors nominated her as deputy managing director of Bouvet-Ladubay; she now oversees sales and marketing of Bouvet-Ladubay wines in France and on the export markets.

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