November 03, 2017

The Best Brandy and Cognac at Any Price

Delamain Pale & Dry X.O Cognac

“Brandy harkens to a simpler time, and there's no way to fake or speed up a true V.S. cognac. Delamain is delicate and clean. Notes of apricot, fig, honey and green fennel are all there. Delamain stands in equally well as an apéritif, while family gathers in the kitchen around a plate of cheese, and as a digestif after a big meal before a roaring fire. There's something generous and classic about giving a friend a bottle of cognac. It's almost like a secret, a wink between conspirators, an acknowledgement that not everyone has a bottle of good brandy to tuck into when the temperatures drop.”—Greg Best, co-owner and bartender at Atlanta's Ticonderoga Club

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Delamain Cognac Pale & Dry X.O
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