September 06, 2012

Kobrand Represents Tia Maria in the U.S.

Kobrand Corporation, home to some of the wine and spirits industry’s finest luxury brands, has announced a long-term marketing and sales agreement to exclusively represent Tia Maria Dark Liqueur in the United States.

The agreement between Kobrand and Illva Saronno S.p.A., a respected leader in global spirits, took effect on August 1st, 2012. Kobrand’s network of high-quality distribution partners are delighted to represent Tia Maria, a highly regarded dark liqueur whose rich history has helped it remain one of the world's most recognized brands. Over the near term, Kobrand and Illva Saronno look forward to evolving this mysterious yet alluring brand by leveraging its iconic image and exceptional taste profile.

“Dating back to the mid-17th century, the legend of Tia Maria was part of the original Espresso Martini created by Dick Bradsell. Given the brand’s abundantly rich and complex taste profile, we plan to launch a number of new delicious cocktails, including some amazing ‘lower calorie’ recipes, to respond to the needs of the energetic American consumer,” said John A. Pennacchio, Kobrand’s Director of Spirits.

Tia Maria Dark Liqueur will take its place among the rapidly growing Spirits Division of Kobrand Wines & Spirits, headed by Tom Congdon, Vice President and Managing Director of Spirits. A highly experienced brand marketing team under John A. Pennacchio, Director of Spirits, will be responsible for the assimilation, transition, strategic direction and day-to-day management of this dynamic liqueur. Congdon was enthusiastic on the brand’s future prospects, offering “Since Tia Maria emerged in the 1950s; it has been a strong presence in both the on-premise and off-premise segment of our industry. With Illva’s strategic global conceptualization, we know that the brand’s high profile will capture even greater consumer affection and respect as we go forward.”

Robert DeRoose, Kobrand’s President and CEO, echoed the excitement when he elaborated, “Our entire Spirits team at Kobrand is very excited about the addition of Tia Maria to our rapidly expanding spirits portfolio. This legendary brand continues to be a mixologist’s favorite and it famously expands our liqueur and luxury after-dinner drinks offerings. We’re thrilled about the potential for our partnership with this brand in the future.”

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